One of the things that is very important to us is running a friendly company that does good things. Along these lines, we want to offer upfront, honest, and swift customer service.

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About the Service

If the box you or your child receives contains damaged or incorrect product, we will of course replace the goods right away.  Being shipped from abroad, though, a bit of wear and tear on the shipping box should be expected (and was intended to add to the fun of a delivery from abroad!).

If you receive damaged goods, please email us as soon as you receive them.  In the email, please include your purchase number, as well as a photo of the damaged goods. Once we agree that the goods you received were damaged, we will ship a new order for you at no cost.

If you receive the incorrect goods, please email us with your purchase number and tell us what you received that was incorrect.  To speed the process, please also include a photograph of the incorrect product. Once we agree that you did in fact receive the incorrect product, we will ship the correct product right away.

If after ordering you change your mind, please let us know right away, as we tend to process the first shipment quickly. In an email, tell us you have changed your mind, and also provide us with the purchase number. If we catch the order before it is shipped, we will credit your card for the entire amount.

If you wish to return the product after receiving it, you will need to email us within 10 days of receiving your package to let us know you are returning the goods, along with your purchase number. After receiving this email, we will respond with a domestic address to which you can ship the goods. After we receive your returned goods and determine they haven’t been read, copied, or used to a great extent, we will credit your card for the entire purchase amount.

Yes! Our location makes shipping costs (included in price) very similar to North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Australia. If you are in Eastern Asia, send us a message and we can figure out a cheaper price for you. If you are in Antarctica, please note that our books and gifts are not suitable for penguins.

Nope. We sell book series that you can have delivered all at once, or monthly. There are no repeated or continuing charges on your credit card. If you wish to continue with the next series of books, you will need to purchase separately.
After receiving your order, we will ship within one week (usually just a couple days). If you use our basic shipping rate, you should receive the package about 2-3 weeks later. If you opt for express delivery, you should receive your package at most two weeks after ordering.
Nope. We have figured basic, ground shipping into the price of the product. You can opt for express delivery, but will need to add on that Upgrade.  We will always look for the best rates for international shipping.
Yes! If the child receiving monthly delivery is going to move, please let us know his or her new address in an email, along with the moving date and original purchase number.
Yes! Whether you are a family friend, grandparent, aunt or uncle, you can have the books shipped to an address other than your own. Upon purchase, you will be asked for your contact information, plus the recipient’s information. Note, however, that we will ultimately need a parent or guardian’s email address so the recipient can register on Crameye’s World. This is done to comply with COPPA, the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act.

About the Books

We wrote the books to be right around the 4th or 5th grade level. Don’t feel bad if you like the books too, though! They are fun!

To understand the culture and ways of thinking and being for each installment, the author relied on either personal experience in the target country or extensive research of the target country, including interviewing locals and expats residing there.

The only place to buy our books is right here on our website.
Not really. The most political thing the books impart is the idea that having many thriving cultures with mutual respect for each other is better than having one dominant world culture. That said, one area where we break our code of never criticizing other cultures is when those cultures repress their people. In such situations, characters may comment on the unjust circumstances.
Again, not really. We present many ways of living and thinking, but never present one as the correct way, nor are they presented to intentionally challenge beliefs. The point of these books is to show kids that there are beautiful things about other countries and cultures. It is not our intention in writing about the awesomeness around the world to lessen the reader’s opinion of his or her own country or culture.
Series One is finished, with Series Two coming very soon. Each series has eight books. In total, we plan to have five series.

About Crameye’s World

Very! Please read our Privacy and Safety Policy.

Of course. Just send us an email with a description of the post you want taken down.

Blogs and the forums will be updated constantly, with educational entries updated monthly.

About the Company

Yes. The owner of the company, Andrew Bliss, is an American citizen who holds permanent residency in Taiwan. He founded the company as a limited liability company in Taiwan. As the company grows, however, we will be opening an office and distribution center in the USA, while maintaining our location in Taiwan as the base for our international education arm of the company.

More and more people! Right now, our team is made up of people around the world, located in the USA, Taiwan, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, France, and Canada.

Yes. We are very nice.

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