Lindo maravilhoso! – (Totally awesome!)

The family next visits the vibrant and bustling Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. On his own yet again, Crameye meets a beautiful woman who helps him understand how Brazilians approach the concept of time, and how they are able to truly enjoy life. Moreover, she also gives him hints on how to swagger like a Brazilian. His trip isn’t all fun though, as he deals with an angry Saci-pererê.

Saci, a one-legged boy who smokes a pipe and emerges from dust devils to cause trouble, is a character from Brazilian folklore that Brazilians to this day blame when things go wrong. Saci, it turns out, isn’t very excited by Crameye coming into Brazil acting cocky. He decides to make Crameye’s life miserable by foiling his attempts to show off, even stealing his lucky red cap. With the beautiful Brazilian woman and her two sons helping, he is able to defeat the Saci, get his red cap back, and bring some happiness to the beautiful Brazilian’s tragic life.

What kids will learn
Children will be exposed to a very different way of living and dealing with time. In addition, they will learn about Brazilian folklore, language, flora and fauna, and daily life. They will also be exposed to Brazilian superstitions, pastimes, food, and family units. Children will also be informed of the importance of biodiversity as well as the benefits of living in a melting pot.
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