Ollahiljainen… – (Be quiet…)

Having just experienced a life-changing adventure, Crameye skips self-introductions as he needs to get right into sharing his story. Starting off in Helsinki, where he is joined by Neva and her family, Crameye’s talkative self runs head on into the stoic Finn culture. Fortunately, Marco and Matias spice things up by laying out clues for Neva and him to use to find them in a secret location. They figure out that their dads are holed up in a spooky old bookstore, where their very impressed fathers give them an opportunity to take their very first mission. They seize the opportunity, of course.

The two embark on an adventure that takes them way up north to Lapland, within the Arctic Circle. Accompanied by an extremely odd set of triplets (one an emotional wreck, another a gluttonous beauty queen, and the third a blindfolded, bald woman who is all logic), the kids must not only handle them, but also deal with a food vendor bent on thwarting their plans.  The illuminating ending and the struggle to get there have a profound effect on Crameye and on his relationship with Neva.

What kids will learn
Finnish culture is at the forefront, particularly the quality of saying only what needs to be said.  Finnish history and language are also introduced, as are the Nobel prizes, Finnish education, and the importance of leading with intelligence.  Daily Finnish life is also introduced, including the national love of saunas and strange competitions.  Northern climates and the Aurora Borealis also feature prominently.

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