Με λένε …??? me léne …??? – (My name is…?)

The reader gets to go along with Crameye this time as he uses his genius phone to dictate things as they happen. After first being whisked away by his mom deep into Athens, he has chats with Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle before having a long talk with his mom about the role of philosophy.

The next morning, he wakes alone up in the hotel where he and his mom stayed, with just a note from his mom telling him that he needs to find his way back to their villa, and find out who he is along the way. Crameye has no choice and begins his odyssey home, which mirrors the path taken by Odysseus in Homer’s classic. Once he makes it back, his work is not done, though, as three others have come to the villa claiming that they are in fact Crameye Junker. A contest is then set up to determine who is the real Crameye Junker.

What kids will learn
Children will learn the foundations of Western philosophy and the differences between the big three (Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle). More, they will learn how they are responsible for much of Western culture. In addition, modern Greek life and superstitions are introduced, as is its history and politics. It may also be fun to study how Crameye’s trip home compares to Homer’s classic.
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