Peru Too


Niway piwanmi purinki, ñoga nisqayki pin kanki – (Tell me who you walk with, and I’ll tell you what kind of person you are)

The grand rescue plan is put into action, and is only made possible by the kids taking ownership of their gifts and abilities. After commandeering a helicopter, Crameye, Neva and Buster follow the condor’s tip and race to Lake Titicaca where Thor is being held on a floating island built by the local Uru tribe. Under Buster’s charge and with the help of a swarm of Titicaca giant frogs, Thor is rescued and taken to safety in Cuzco. The only thing left to do after that was for Neva to reunite with her mom…

In a dramatic scene set at Macchu Pichu as a storm is blowing in over the mountains, Crameye and Neva learn even more about their families as the five adults face off. In the end, Neva tearfully reunites with her mom as everyone learns she might not be as evil as previously thought, and that some of her past choices might have been done to keep them safe. After their emotional journey, the good guys all go to Paris for a little R&R, where the next series of adventures begins…

What kids will learn
Children will learn about a couple of Peru’s mythological creatures, as well as the history of the Uru tribe of Lake Titicaca, and the history of the Incas. Peruvian wildlife also takes center stage here, with condors and giant frogs taking a major role. They will also get a front row seat to Macchu Picchu while learning about its history and ancient use.
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