趕快! gǎn kuài! – (Hurry up!)

After finally getting around to introducing himself, his family and surrounding characters, Crameye sets out on his own while his folks are shopping for things for their new apartment. Knowing he would probably do just that, his mother leaves a note for him with their building’s security guards that he has to be back home by 5:00 on the dot.

Setting out to explore his new hometown of Taipei, Crameye takes in as much as he can in his limited time. He eats new and rather strange food, he helps out a dragon boat team, and he gets invited to meet the students of an English class where he learns what life is like for kids in Taipei. Knowing his kid sister, Buster, would probably sneak out too, he checks in with her and learns she is lost at a busy flower market. With only an hour to go, he races to find her, return home, and somehow cross through a temple parade that is going in front of their building. He makes it home in time, of course. Just like he always does.

What kids will learn
Crameye introduces the Chinese language and how to speak the four tones of Chinese. Students will also learn about Taiwanese history, holidays, Taoism, superstitions, etiquette, ways of thinking and daily life in Taiwan. More, they will learn about tropical climates, geography, and some of the special animals there.
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