Mtoto wa nyoka ni nyoka – (The child of a snake will always be a snake)

Crameye begins to learn the truth about his dad’s job, his family, and everyone’s strange abilities. This adventure begins when the family gets an emergency message while in Taipei, and then must rush off to Zanzibar to handle a terribly important situation. Everyone is tense, and Crameye can clearly sense danger.

Once in Zanzibar, and after learning Neva was unable to come, Crameye is off on his own to explore Zanzibar and then Tanzania, while Buster and Neva’s little sister Thor head out with a guide to explore the wildlife of the Serengeti. On his adventure, Crameye meets a boy who looks a lot like him, and who also seems to have an amazing gift of languages. Soon, the two are approached by a young man who asks them for a ride to a remote village. The other boy declines, but Crameye takes him to where he needs to go.

As it turns out, the young man needed to go to a Masaai ceremony where he was to become a warrior. After witnessing the dramatic rite of passage, Crameye is called to certain coordinates by his mother. There, he rejoins his family and comes face to face with the evil Sonia who has a plan to wipe out the Masaai culture. After foiling her plans with the courageous help of A-yi and the plant-healing powers of his baby brother, they get tragic news that Thor has been kidnapped.

What kids will learn
Children will be walked through a Masaai rite of passage, as well as learn about the daily life of the modern Masaai. They will also learn about Swahili, the histories of Zanzibar and Tanzania, and of course, the spectacular wildlife. They will also be exposed to how in Tanzania, Muslims, Christians, and local religions have coexisted in relative peace.
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