สิบ ปาก ว่า ไม่ เท่า ตา เห็น Sib Paak Waa MaiThao Taa Hen – (Seeing is believing)

With Neva far away and no new mission from his dad, Crameye is in a funk. After taking a walk through the crazy streets of Thailand, he comes to a quiet lane where, absentmindedly, he walks straight into a wall. For the rest of the story, you aren’t sure if everything is a dream, hallucinations from the heat, or is actually happening.

After coming to, a Buddhist monk sets Crameye off on a path to get out of his funk. After being instructed to only follow the right kind of energy, Crameye pretends he understands and, with a chip on his shoulder because Neva is so far away, sets out. This energy leads him into a tiger infested jungle where, in the end, Buster and a friendly monkey have to come save him. Then, learning the right energy to follow, he meets a different group of tigers that help him understand how everything and everyone are really connected. But then, waking up in a hospital with a bandage on his head, he isn’t sure if his adventure really happened… until that is, Buster reminds him that he owes her one while propping her feet up on his hospital bed.

What kids will learn
Children will be introduced to Buddhism and some of its major beliefs. Specifically, they will read about the idea of being connected to other living things and following paths of energy. They will also learn about a monk’s daily life and the history of Buddhism. Additionally, they will learn about Thai history, constitutional monarchy, food, language, and optimistic way of living, as well as the local plants and animals.
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