Our adventure series + our professionally designed curriculum = a powerful learning tool!

On their own, the books in our adventure series are a thoroughly entertaining and inspiring gift. Coupled with membership to our online community, The Adventurous Mailbox becomes not only a unique gift, but also long-term experience.

Our books were written with both entertainment and education in mind, knowing that many adults prefer to give gifts that not only entertain, but also enrich. Given current trends in education, such as 21st Century Learning, we also realized we have a potentially very powerful educational tool. To make The Adventurous Mailbox experience even more educational, we have also developed Common Core-aligned workbooks for each of the eight adventure books.

Explore how our books can be used in a classroom or homeschool environment

What makes our workbooks special?

  • They have been professionally prepared and work-shopped by teachers.
  • They adhere to Common Core standards, and clearly indicate what specific skill they cover.
  • Normally dry lessons are “written” by the characters in the books. Our lessons take a very conversational and fun tone.
  • Humor is used as an anchor throughout, but never at the expense of learning.
  • They cover: vocabulary, reading comprehension, four types of writing lessons, critical thinking, group work, projects and presentations
  • The lessons also make use of the (secret…) community for the kids. There, they will be able to upload their stories for others to read and comment on.

In addition to our Adventurous Workbooks, teachers will also be given access to our Teachers’ Lounge. There, they will be able to download additional worksheets, extension lessons, rubrics (both Common Core and traditional) and more. Teachers will also be able to share and receive lessons and ideas for classroom use.