E-Explorer Package

The E-Explorer Package

“Guess who got something in the mail!”

The E-Explorer Package arrives as an exciting, “top-secret” parcel from abroad. Inside, kids will find a stylish folder containing an introductory booklet as well as a secret code they can use to join Crameye’s World. There, they can download all of our E-books (in a choice of formats), as well as enjoy the rest of the content. With the Teacher’s Lounge upgrade, parents or teachers will be given lifetime access to hundreds of professionally developed lessons. After purchase, we will send you information within 24 hours for how to access the lessons. Be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see an email from us in your inbox.
Our E-books have been enhanced with audio and image links (not for Kindle) and fun quizzes. Once in Crameye’s World, kids will be able to download our books in a choice of fomats: Kindle and Other E-readers (Mac, Android, Nook, PC, etc.)
If you would like to add on to this base package, please have a look at the upgrades below. Otherwise, scroll on down to proceed to checkout. Ground shipping rates have been figured into the costs of the packages and upgrades. We ship to anywhere in the world! If you need the E-Explorer Package to arrive ASAP, check out the Express Delivery Upgrade. Otherwise, it will arrive about 2-3 weeks after purchase.


Choose any of the following upgrades to add to your base package to make the gift more personal, special, or educational, or scroll down to go straight to checkout. If you are redeeming a coupon that includes one of the Upgrades below, be sure to select it before proceeding to checkout. Otherwise, the coupon code will not be valid.

  • TeachersLounge

    Teacher’s Lounge

    With this Upgrade, teachers and homeschoolers will have access to hundreds of professionally developed lessons accompanying our adventure books. You will be able to download full workbooks or individual lessons in either pdf or Word format. Teachers’ versions of the lessons contain answers as well as suggestions for use. Not sure yet? Preview the lessons here and here.

    After purchasing the Teacher’s Lounge, we will send you an email with simple instructions for accessing the lessons. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your spam folder.


    $15.00 Add to cart
  • BdayUpgrade2

    Birthday Bonanza

    Our three main characters will each send a personalized and out-of-the-ordinary birthday card to the recipient on his or her birthday. In addition to the artistic and funny cards, each will also have a personal message handwritten by the characters. The actual cards sent will change as we find cool new cards to send. If buying for more than one child in a household, please indicate below how many Birthday Bonanzas you would like sent.

    Please note that if you are purchasing one of our packages as a birthday gift and the order is placed within one month of the child’s birthday, the cards will arive on the child’s next birthday. Receiving the cards before they meet the characters or read the books will have little impact. The cards will be more special once they know about the characters and chat with them in Crameye’s World. Plus, this way, your gift truly will last an entire year!

  • CrameyeExtraCodes

    Additional Crameye’s World Secret Code

    If you are sending our books to a home with two or more kids and are planning on them sharing the books, you may want to consider giving each their own identity on Crameye’s World. When you select this Upgrade, each child in the home will receive his or her own secret code and special invitation letter with which they can join Crameye’s World and start chatting with new friends and exploring our rich world of fun, education, and adventure.

    On the next page, there is a space to enter special information for the recipient. For the name section, simply write in all names who will be recieving the gift (e.g. Chloe and Benji Williams), and if this upgrade is selected, we will include secret codes and invitation letters for each of the kids mentioned.

  • Sale!


    Available June 2018. Preorder now for 50% off!
    With this exciting upgrade, kids will receive a top-secret parcel from abroad containing a very official packet of fun coding adventures that bring the stories to life. The manual inside, written by our character Neva, walks kids through the process of animating their own digital postcards using original images.

    There are eight projects in total, with each containing basic and advanced tasks. The finished projects can be saved and sent to anyone kids wish!

    $15.00 $7.50
  • Sale!


    Available June 2018. Preorder now for 50% off!
    This is the same great adventure as neva<>codes, but will arrive as a PDF via special email. The specially designed email can arrive to either the child’s or parent’s email address, containing an introduction as well as the instruction manual.

    $7.50 $3.75
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Cultural Bling
As we find cool cultural gifts around the world, we will make them available here. You can have the character send them the gift, or you can have it sent with a card indicating it was from you. The gift will also arrive with an explanation of the cultural significance and an introduction to the person who made it. Gifts will include items such as a jade bracelet (Taiwan), wooden frog that brings prosperity (Thailand), or porcelain figurines (France).

ETA: June, 2018