Trekker Package

The Trekker Package

“Guess who got something in the mail!”

The Trekker Package arrives as a mysterious package from abroad, full of adventure, intrigue, and cultural exploration through eight captivating books. The books are packaged in a stylish display case.
If you would like to add on to this base package, please have a look at the upgrades below. Otherwise, scroll on down to proceed to checkout. Ground shipping rates have been figured into the costs of the packages and upgrades. We ship to anywhere in the world! If you need the Trekker Package to arrive ASAP, check out the Express Delivery Upgrade. Otherwise, it will arrive about 2-3 weeks after purchase.


Choose any of the following upgrades to add to your base package to make the gift more personal, special, or educational, or scroll down to go straight to checkout. If you are redeeming a coupon that includes one of the Upgrades below, be sure to select it before proceeding to checkout. Otherwise, the coupon code will not be valid.

  • Monthly Upgrade The Adventurous Mailbox

    Monthly Delivery

    When you add this Upgrade, the first package will arrive containing the first book of Series One in the decorative holder and specially designed shipping box. Then, every month the lucky recipient will receive another installment shipped from abroad in a funky airmail envelope. This is not a subscription, but rather just a special delivery method for the gift you purchased.

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  • BdayUpgrade2

    Birthday Bonanza

    Our three main characters will each send a personalized and out-of-the-ordinary birthday card to the recipient on his or her birthday. In addition to the artistic and funny cards, each will also have a personal message handwritten by the characters. The actual cards sent will change as we find cool new cards to send. If buying for more than one child in a household, please indicate below how many Birthday Bonanzas you would like sent.

    Please note that if you are purchasing one of our packages as a birthday gift and the order is placed within one month of the child’s birthday, the cards will arive on the child’s next birthday. Receiving the cards before they meet the characters or read the books will have little impact. The cards will be more special once they know about the characters and chat with them in Crameye’s World. Plus, this way, your gift truly will last an entire year!

  • Pers2

    Personalize It!

    All packages will be sent to kids from Crameye Junker without indicating who purchased the gift. We did this to add a bit of mystery to the experience and to establish Crameye as a friend and not as a company. However, if you would like the lucky tyke to know who had these books sent, select this option! In the introduction letter, Crameye will mention you by name as the person who asked him to send the books. He will also pass along a personal message from you. Your message can be wishes for a happy birthday, or even an inside joke!

    On the next page when entering personal and shipping information, you are also given a space for special instructions. There, you can tell us who to say the gift is from, and also write your special message. NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse to include any message we deem inappropriate, and your Personalize It upgrade fee will not be refunded. Inappropriate content includes anything of a profane or sexual nature.

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  • Express Delivery The Adventurous Mailbox

    Express Delivery

    If you need the gift package to arrive at its destination ASAP, select this upgrade! Not only will your order be given the highest priority and processed immediately, but we will also send the package via an express mail carrier. Do take note, though, that since packages will be coming from abroad, the fastest delivery possible is still 7-10 days.

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Cultural Bling
As we find cool cultural gifts around the world, we will make them available here. You can have the character send them the gift, or you can have it sent with a card indicating it was from you. The gift will also arrive with an explanation of the cultural significance and an introduction to the person who made it. Gifts will include items such as a jade bracelet (Taiwan), wooden frog that brings prosperity (Thailand), or porcelain figurines (France).

ETA: June, 2018