New site ~ New blog!

New site ~ New blog!

New site ~ New blog! 1275 1200 The Adventurous Mailbox

We have a blog! Yay?

Company blogs, by and large, can really be kind of annoying, especially when the company is selling stuff for kids. If the content is not endless product promotion, posts are usually written in a strange voice speaking to the readers as if they were children themselves. Our other writers, staff, and myself combine to make a friendly and personable lot of people, so our first promise is to not only keep the product promotion to a minimum, but also to communicate with you in an honest and open way.

Our products are for kids, yes… but we don’t want to talk just to the kids here. Adventure is not just for them and can be had by all ages of people, whether it involves actual travel or even just expanding your comfort zone or pushing your intellect right at home. In Chinese, there is an idiom that goes:  活到老學到老(huó dào lǎo xué dào lǎo), meaning that as you age, you should keep on learning. Not a bad motto to live by.

So, what can you expect to read on our blog? This is not a definitive list, but here are the categories of posts to be filling up these pages:


We will profile out of the ordinary getaways, as well as life changing experiences you and your family might be able to undertake.


On Crameye’s World, kids are offered the chance to take on a writing mission. When completed, the writing mission will be posted on one of the character’s blogs in Crameye’s World, and we will also post them here as well. Let’s face it… kids are pretty awesome and say some incredible things, so the adults should be exposed to their wisdom too.


As we meet inspiring, hilarious, crazy, or impressive people through our endeavor, we will introduce them to you and share their story. Life is full of options and paths, and we just want to show you where some of those paths ended up.


As we hear of important developments in education, be it involving 21st Century Learning or the (loved and loathed) Common Core State Standards, we will share information here, as well as add our two or three cents.


As your kids read the adventure books, we will share some of the country information they will be reading, as well as list some activities and discussion questions you can use to enhance the material.


All main characters have their own blogs, and we constantly add new content to the main page. There is a lot of great stuff being shared, so we will share it here to keep you in the loop.


There are amazing organizations and people doing extraordinary things all over the world that deserve to be known about. We will profile them here.


As we have major news or developments, we will share it with you on our blog. We will not clutter up the blog by posting about specials, deals, or giveaways. We have Facebook for that!

So, there you go. That’s how we are going to do this whole blog thing. Please don’t think this is a one-way affair, though. We would love to get your feedback, ideas for posts, or even stories of your own adventures you’ve taken to include on our blog.

Yours in adventure…

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