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Coding Adventure

The Adventurous Mailbox has teamed up with CodeSpeak Labs to create a spectacular 21st Century Learning 1-2 punch!

How cool would it be for kids to read a captivating adventure book introducing world cultures, and then hopping online to take on a coding challenge that will bring the story to life? More, the challenge will teach kids the basics of a programming language, prepping them for the world language of the future.

With the neva<>codes upgrade, you child will receive an extra parcel from abroad containing “top secret” instructions for completing coding challenges. The manual begins with instructions for how to get set-up, and then takes them mission-by-mission through the adventure books. The instructions are written in our character Neva’s voice – an undeniable tech-goddess – and are engaging, easy to follow, and fun.

Types of coding challenges
  • Animating a snowmobile under a changing Northern lights sky, and then sending it as an e-postcard (from Finland: Book One)
  • Creating games to snatch a hat off of the mischievous Saci’s head (Brazil: Book Three); and bombarding an island of bad guys with giant Titicaca frogs (Peru Too: Book Eight)
  • Racing a dragon boat in front of Taipei’s skyline, recording his or her own Chinese to go along with it (Taiwan: Book Two)
  • Creating a dialogue with Socrates and Plato (Greece: Book Five)
  • Eight books in Series One
  • And many more!

Here is a sample of the type of project they will learn how to create and send:

Here is a rundown of everything involved with The Coding Adventure upgrade
  • Personalized parcel arriving from abroad
  • Coding adventures created by CodeSpeak Labs
  • Lessons use Scratch, the coding language and platform created for kids by MIT
  • Instructions written in engaging and approachable voice
  • Access to hundreds of original and beautiful images created for this project
  • The ability to post, share, and send finished projects

The Coding Adventure is available as an upgrade to our base packages (except for Trekker Package). After selecting a package, you will be taken to a list of possible upgrades, which is where you will find the Coding Adventure.

If you already have one of our packages, you can buy this upgrade separately HERE.

NOTE: You will need to be signed up on Crameye’s World, as that is where the images to use in the coding adventures are stored. Access to Crameye’s World comes with all packages (except the Trekker Package).

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