using adventure
to introduce kids to:


computer coding

World culture

critical thinking

World languages

Close reading

Writing project




A learning experience
they’ll never forget

The Adventurous Mailbox offers exciting educational packages that are ideal for the classroom or home learning environment.

Every package contains:

Captivating adventure books

Computer coding instruction manual

100s of engaging lessons

Content and activity-rich online portal

Don’t just take our word for it…

Karen Morgan, reading specialist, Cincinnati, OH

These adventure books are great — funny, touching, and very engaging. The information provided about each country’s culture is written in a fun and conversational voice, but there really is so much for them to chew on.

This one of a kind product brilliantly combines three things kids love: adventure, secret clubs and getting things in the mail! The Adventurous Mailbox is a complete learning package that mixes together engaging stories about global cultures with an online environment designed to increase the educational value and fun.

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