This is our greenest option for sure, but still an exciting and immersive experience. After purchase, kids will receive a top-secret email with a password they can use to get signed up on Crameye’s World, which is where all of our content is housed. Kids will also receive a confidential instruction manual introducing them to the books, neva<>codes and all of the amazing content they can find on Crameye’s World. Please check your spam folder in the designated account if you do not see it in your inbox within 48 hours of ordering.

Parents will be sent a separate email giving them access to The Teacher’s Lounge, along with an overview of the whole program.

Why is this item on clearance? Because everything else is, really. We are GOING GREEN and soon this will be the only package available from The Adventurous Mailbox… but its only going to be getting bigger and better. We knocked the price waaaay down so as many people as possible can start spreading the word how great our materials are. You can read more about our decision to go green HERE.

If you would like to take advantage of these special prices now and have the top-secret email email dispatched at a later time, no problem! Just let us know on the check-out page, where there is a field for special instructions. Tell us the date you would like the email to arrive for the lucky kid, and we’ll hold shipment until then.

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