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Summer To-do list

On Crameye’s personal blog on Crameye’s World, our hero shares his very adventurous to-do list for the summer. Here’s hoping we can all be half as adventurous or productive!

He writes:

Summer is just about here, so I thought I would be very organized and make a list of the things I want to do and accomplish this summer. I got the idea from my parents, who are always making lists of the things they have to do each day, or ways to totally control my life, ha ha ha. They really are list freaks, though. One time I snuck a look at my mom’s list, and number one was: Make today’s list. I asked her about it, and she smiled and told me that it is nice to be able to cross something off the list right away. Parents are strange creatures.

Anyway, here is my official list of the things I will endeavor to do this summer. I will update this post as I cross things off or think of new things to add to it. Tell me your plans in the comments below!

  1. Go scuba diving

humboldt-explorer-gallery-galapagos-scuba-diving-dive-cruise-yacht-18_1The family is headed to Australia in July, so I definitely want to try this out while down there. If I don’t get a chance, I can just do it in my bathtub once I get home. But then again, my bathtub doesn’t have coral reefs, awesome fish, sharks, and prehistoric monsters that I am sure I would see. I had better look into getting my certification now so I’ll be ready when we go.

  1. Eat something disgusting

eating_balutI have eaten tons of disgusting things, like blue cheese, stinky tofu, live octopi, and haggis, but I am ready to try something new. Here in Taiwan, a lot of folks eat fried bee larvae, but I am not sure if that is disgusting enough. Maybe I should try balut, or what is called a fertilized duck egg. Get this, it is an egg with the baby duck already growing inside. I’ve read that people eat it in Southeast Asia, but all my friends there think it is disgusting, so I am not really sure who actually eats it. This summer, I will find it and eat it!!!

  1. Make a scavenger hunt

This is one of my favorite things to do ever. I want to make this scavenger hunt interesting, though. I don’t want to just go look for leaves and stuff, but items like: Take a selfie with someone who looks like a famous person or Get a business card from a magician or Find a takeout menu from an Ethiopian restaurant. Buster and I and some neighborhood kids can do it over a whole week or something.

  1. Learn an instrument

Playing an instrument is awesome, and I’m totally jealous of those people who play one really well. Other people just stand back and look at them and think, “Awesome!” A-yi, for example, can play the violin crazy well. Sometimes she plays for the whole family, and we are all in awe of her. I was leaning to learning the guitar, but now I am not sure. You see, I really can’t sing, and when people play guitar a lot of times they sing along. Seriously, when I sing I think it hurts people. Maybe I’ll try something you don’t need to sing along with, like the saxophone.

  1. Celebrate some holidays from other cultures

For example, Buddha’s birthday is coming up, and I know Bastille Day in France is in July. It would be fun to learn about what the holidays mean and how people spend them, and then doing what I can to celebrate too. We are all one world family, right? I will make individual posts this summer as I learn about and celebrate new holidays. You can celebrate, too.

  1. Play sepak takraw

This is that awesome game from Thailand that looks like volleyball, except you can only use your feet. Crazy and intense.

  1. Make a movie

Okay, I know I can’t make a big Hollywood thriller or a Bollywood-type musical, but it would be very cool to write a script, find a couple actors, and head out with my smartphone to film it. What kind of movie would you make?

  1. Cook a meal

I don’t mean just scrambled eggs and toast, but a full-on gourmet meal. I think it would be awesome to start with ingredients you just bought at a market in bags on the floor, and then a couple hours later serve some amazing dish from India or somewhere to your whole family. A-yi could monitor me to make sure I didn’t burn the house down, and if what I make isn’t the most delicious thing ever, it would still be fun to try. Plus, I look forward to hearing my mom say, “Okay Buster, you can clean up since Crameye worked so hard at cooking dinner.”

  1. tkd Study Tae Kwon Do

Since Neva is taking judo, and since I am going on more and more missions, it would be smart to get a little stronger and push my body to its limits. No pain no gain, right?

  1. Learn ten new languages

This is not a brag, but my brain just sops up new languages. First on the list is Swedish, but I haven’t decided the others yet.

  1. Try to dance

Keyword: Try. Even though I don’t have heaps of natural dance ability, with enough practice I should be able to bust out a few moves when necessary.

  1. Go camping

Preferably in the Serengeti

  1. Have a water balloon fight

With Buster of course, but I am the only one who knows we are having it 🙂

  1. Go three days without speaking

I know I did this after my trip to Finland, but that was because I was afraid to speak. Now I just want to do it to see if I can, or even to freak people out.

  1. Shave my head

It is hot here in the summer, and a smooth melon would be lots more comfortable

That’s all I can think of right now. If I think of more, I’ll add it to the list later. Off to go hint to my mom about wanting to shave my head to feel her out about it. Maybe I’ll mention first about how cool tattoos are just to terrify her, and then follow with how shaving your head for the summer would be just as cool. She’ll probably tell me to go shave my head right then and there just so I’ll forget about tattoos!

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