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I highly recommend The Adventure Mailbox.  My son truly enjoyed reading the unique story as it unfolded in the books, and he is having fun exploring the website.  I know of no other single global education resource that introduces children to so much geography and information about world cultures — and does it in way that makes learning about the world a fun, memorable and interactive experience!

Here’s how the adventure begins:

  • 1. Purchase an Adventure Series

    1. Purchase an Adventure Series

    Choose a base package of adventure books to send to a lucky kid, then add on any Upgrades you want to include to make the package more fun, personal, or educational. We don’t offer subscriptions, and you will be only charged one time for the package and delivery method you choose.

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  • 2. The package arrives!

    2. The package arrives!

    A couple weeks after ordering, kids will receive an awesome package in the mail sent from abroad. Inside, they will find captivating adventure books introducing world cultures. The books recount the amazing life of Crameye Junker and his family’s mysterious travels around the world.

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  • 3. Join the “top secret” community of young explorers

    3. Join the “top secret” community of young explorers

    Kids will also find a confidential note inside their package inviting them to join our online community ~ Crameye’s World. Kids will not just learn about the world, but also become members of a special team fighting to protect all world cultures. We designed the community to not only be educational and fun, but also safe and secure. Read our Privacy Policy.


  • 4. Teach It!

    4. Teach It!

    Our books are amazing 21st Century Learning tools on their own, but our accompanying workbooks and lessons in the Teacher’s Lounge make our adventure books an even more valuable tool in the classroom or homeschool environment. Lessons in the Teacher’s Lounge cover vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing, critical thinking, world cultures, projects and more. The Teacher’s Lounge is available as part of the Explorer Package and the E-Explorer Package.

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The Adventurous Mailbox

The Books

Have a scroll through the eight books that comprise Series One of The Adventurous Mailbox

When you are finished, come inside The Adventurous Mailbox to meet the characters, see what kids will learn, and take a peek at the “secret” online community, Crameye’s World. There, kids will be able to talk to the characters and follow their blogs, as well as learn about world languages, art, food, UNESCO World Heritage sites, music, and so much more. Games, jokes, brainsteasers and contests will keep them laughing and engaged while learning. When you are ready to make a purchase, look over our special Upgrades that will make this gift even more special.

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