About Us

Our philosophy

“An unexamined life is not worth living” ~ Socrates

We hope to inspire kids to develop a respectful curiosity about the world and, in doing so, help them to prepare for their adult lives. We do not present beliefs, ideologies, and ways of living as moral imperatives, but rather just introduce them as what they are. We believe that the more kids know about different kinds of people, the better equipped they will be for adulthood. If we inspire children to travel abroad and learn other languages, well… that just makes this endeavor all the more rewarding.

our story

Inspired from real adventure

Andrew Bliss, the founder, author, and creative director of The Adventurous Mailbox, was inspired to create this service after sending letters home to his nephew and niece after many of his own adventures.

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, with a background in philosophy and creative writing, and an annoying habit of asking way too many questions, he has lived abroad for the past 15 years, teaching in universities and writing along the way.

Our founder off in adventure
Our hero Crameye's hat

Crameye Junker’s origin

Growing up, Andrew often heard mention of his mother’s childhood imaginary friend, Crameye Junker, with whom she had many great adventures. When looking for a hero for the stories, Crameye seemed to embody all that Andrew was hoping to achieve: imagination, adventure, inspiration, and friendship.

Who & where we are

Inspiring kids to explore the world

A truly international team spanning the USA, Taiwan, France, Canada, and Germany

The Adventurous Mailbox is a team of educators, writers, designers, and artists invested in introducing children to different ways of thinking and being, while inspiring a curiosity to learn other languages, travel the world, and lead well-examined lives.

Thanks for the support!

In addition to the staff, The Adventurous Mailbox could not have gotten off the ground without the help and support of countless friends, family members, and strangers intrigued by our concept and willing to have their children provide feedback on our books. Many thanks also to the numerous teachers who provided invaluable feedback during the creation of our lesson packs.

Founder and his family
Where we are map

The Adventurous Mailbox is headquartered in Tainan, Taiwan

Taiwan is located just east of Hong Kong, and just northwest of the Philippines. Tainan, in the southwest of the country, is the ancient capital of Taiwan, and is teeming with historical buildings, old brick alleys, and active temples.

Our offices are located right by the harbor to the Taiwan Strait, situated beside a national park dedicated to Matsu, the goddess who protects fishermen and sailors.

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