La oveja negra de la familia – (The black sheep of the family)

Crameye and Neva learn all about their families as they speed to Peru to rescue Thor. The two brothers, Marco and Ignazio, both started off on the same culture-preserving team. This is the time when Ignazio and Sonia were together and had Crosspatch. On the dads’ first solo missions, however, they each had experiences that would change them forever. Marco became even more devoted to protecting smaller cultures when a folk remedy in Libya saved his life. Ignazio, however, lost his dedication to the cause, as well as two fingers, during his mission to Papua New Guinea.

Sonia, not wanting to be with someone who was developing evil intentions, divorced Ignazio as he left to join the opposing forces. Not too much longer, Matias came along, and then so did Neva and Thor. A few years later, Sonia disappeared, apparently to rejoin Ignazio, and hadn’t been heard from since that night in Tanzania.

All that drama aside, they get down to business. Or rather, the parents do while the kids are given busywork surveying the Nazca Lines. They have their own idea, however, and with the help of an Andean condor launch their own plan to save Thor.

What kids will learn
Children will learn about the Dani tribe and Nomadic tribes of northern Africa before the action even gets to Peru. Once there, they will learn about the amazing cultural diversity of Peru, as well about the food, cultures, and traditions. They will also learn about the history of the Nazca Lines, as well as the history of the ancient capital Cuzco.
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