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Finland: The Mysterious Triplets ~ FREE download below!

ADVENTURE! The antidote for cabin fever! We hope to be able to help keep your kids happy and keep them smart during this difficult time. Please select your choice of e-book format below.

Finland: The Mysterious Triplets is a rollicking adventure taking place all the way up in Lapland. The book has high adventure and laughs, but kids will also learn heaps about Finland and Finnish culture.

You can read more about the book and what kids will learn here.

Book Fast Facts:

  • The book is best for kids 8-12
  • The E-book is enhanced with pop-up pictures and voice for foreign words
  • After the adventure, kids will have a Country Breakdown and discussion questions
  • The book is 54 pages
  • The book is awesome
We are fortunate to have received a number of rave reviews. Check them out here.

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