What kid isn’t thrilled by getting something in the mail?

Now, imagine that something is an adventurous gift package from abroad, covered in foreign stamps and postmarks. After tearing it open, kids will find a beautifully illustrated book, which is actually a personalized letter from their new friend, 12-year-old Crameye Junker. The book recounts an amazing, international adventure he and his “team” have just experienced. The adventure is captivating, inspiring, funny, and educational.

Along with this book will be a decorative box to keep all books in as they arrive, as well as an invitation letter and secret code for our amazing online community. There, kids will be able to interact with the characters and other readers, follow the main characters’ blogs, share their own adventures, play games, learn world languages, take part in contests, learn about the world, and much more.

Just a few weeks later, another installment in the series arrives, taking place in a new country. A month later, another arrives. Then another, and another… You get the picture.

You can also choose a delivery method where all books come at once in a specially designed package from abroad. Regardless of delivery option, after receiving one of our adventurous gift packages, you should expect eyes to be bugging, big smiles, and hours of constructive time spent reading, learning, and playing.

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Remember when...

getting mail was fun?

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Adventure books delivered from abroad
in a funky package, and a totally fun "secret"
online community to boot!