Our adventure books were written with two minds. The first mind wanted to make sure that the stories were action-packed, funny, and downright interesting to read. To make sure we accomplished this, all of our books were thoroughly tested by a team of awesome kids.

Our other mind really wanted to make sure that kids got an honest peek at what life was like for people in other countries, and even how the people there think, interact, and live their daily lives.  Our books were all thoroughly researched through a variety of sources, including interviews of local inhabitants as well as first-hand experience by the author.

Quick facts
  • Length: 40-60 pages
  • Reading level: 4-5th grade
  • Beautifully illustrated
  • Written as a personal correspondence
  • Eight books in Series One
  • All books in series connected by overarching plot and themes
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New Adventures

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You were born with wings;

why prefer to crawl through life?

- Rumi

Each of our books is a foreign adventure written through the personal narrative of 12-year-old Crameye Junker. Epitomizing 21st Century Learning objectives, each book is written as a letter to the reader, introducing a featured country’s culture, language, mythology, and more, as well as an engrossing adventure. The individual stories follow an overarching storyline throughout the series, with eight 40-60-page books per series.

The books are based on the lives of Crameye Junker and the members of his mysterious family. As the first series starts, Crameye and his family are settling into Taiwan, where his father has just moved them to reestablish what he calls their “home base”. From there, they are constantly flying out on the company jet to other countries, accompanying his father as he handles matters of great importance.

In each country, Crameye is able to interact with the local culture in a way that lets him get a deep understanding of the way people live. He also has many run-ins with mythological characters and historical figures as he figures his way out of trouble in each book.

His family’s own mythology plays out over the first series and into the next, as he slowly learns about his father’s mysterious company, and his own place in it. More, his “ridiculous life” and all it entails, including special talents and abilities all the people in his family have, becomes clearer and clearer.

In short, the books are jam-packed with intrigue and adventure, but never lose sight of their main goal: to inspire a curiosity about the world and the people in it.