Going Green!

Going Green! 800 800 The Adventurous Mailbox

There are some big changes happening here at The Adventurous Mailbox. We’re still committed to inspiring kids to learn about the world, but now we will start treating the world a bit better while doing so.

We have LOVED being able to send our books and materials to 20 different countries on six different continents (alas… we never cracked the Emperor penguin market in Antarctica…), but the carbon footprint we’ve been leaving has been weighing on us. The printing of the books and boxes wasn’t the problem – as nothing can ever replace the experience of real books – but it was the shipping all around the world.

So, starting January 1, 2020, The Adventurous Mailbox will be going entirely digital. These AMAZING, AWESOME, STILL RATHER SPECTACULAR digital packages will include:

  • Eight enhanced e-books
  • Full coding manual and original artwork and necessary files
  • Access to 100s of lessons in our Teacher’s Lounge
  • Lifetime membership to Crameye’s World

Benefits for you:

  • For the rest of the year, we will be selling through our printed material at clearance rates (30-60% off)
  • We are dropping the price of our Digital Package to clearance levels, and will drop the base price starting in January
  • We will be able to more quickly introduce new books and materials
  • Easier for teachers to bring into schools

If in the future The Adventurous Mailbox grows to the point of having offices in North America, Europe, or Australia, we will once again start printing and shipping locally. While we are still based on a little island far, far away from all of our target markets, though, we will going digital and going GREEN.

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