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The Adventurous Mailbox is perfect for 8-12 year olds who want to explore the world. Online and offline elements combine to challenge and inspire young minds.

The series is fun and well-written and will not only introduce your children to different countries but provide a better understanding of the respective cultures and people living in them. Loaded with exciting adventures accompanied by interesting facts about the featured destinations, this series is the perfect choice for parents looking to ignite a sense of wonder in your young ones.

Harper's Bazaar

Getting kids to read about world events can be a bit of an uphill battle without the right materials—hence the huge 90s-era popularity of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? For a more modern option, The Adventurous Mailbox books series mixes the entertaining aspects of reading fiction with the fascinating facts specific to the country, along with a social community for children to learn even more information about the wider world.


This one of a kind product brilliantly combines three things kids love: adventure, secret clubs and getting things in the mail! The Adventurous Mailbox is a complete learning package that mixes together engaging stories about global cultures with an online environment designed to increase the educational value and fun. Overall, the stories here are worth the price of the package alone. The stories teach children about world cultures in a way that is truly engaging and exciting. They would be a great addition to your homeschool curriculum, for a learning option for unschoolers, or for any child who loves adventure.
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You know how excited your child gets when they receive something special in the mail that’s only for them? Well, this series captures that while engaging your child and expanding their cultural knowledge- just what good living books do. It really is an adventure, so much so that is it doesn’t even feel like school! These books are not twaddle, but presented with childlike honesty and frankness. The pages are packed with the cultural nuances of each nation. You can tell the creators went to great lengths to research the content of their stories and provide a fun, and though fantastical, believable adventure to present real cultural situations.

Curriculum Choice

The Adventurous Mailbox’s adventure books are different from most other children’s travel books. They are not about the famous landmarks or dry facts, rather about the true essence of traveling, getting to know the culture, and exploring deeper. Fantastic and inspiring read. Even though the books are meant for kids, I just couldn’t put them down. The Adventurous Mailbox is a perfect choice for those looking for a truly inspirational gift for kids!

Full Suitcase

From the ‘funky’ international packaging they use to the online community for kids that further fuels a child’s imagination, social skills, and thirst for knowledge; gifting the Adventurous Mailbox is an experience that goes far beyond the adventure books that bring world cultures to life. The gift definitely isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill illustrated books with common facts about countries…your child or relative will dig deep into the many different ways that people around the world live, eat, work, have fun, and enjoy their own surroundings.

We may not be able to travel overseas, but teaching world cultures and geography is high on our list of ‘important things to teach.’ Short of globe-trekking, we can now experience the people, geography, languages, and culture of eight countries with this creative curriculum called The Adventurous Mailbox. This program is unlike any other educational product we have tried, and there have been quite a few!

Adventurous Mailbox is most closely related to Little Passports, but is more like an extension of that program. Little Passports is designed for children as young as three (up to about ten), and gets them excited about world geography. Once the boys had outgrown Little Passports, I floundered through several programs, trying to re-create the excitement that they had with that program. FINALLY, I found it with Adventurous Mailbox.

Homeschool on the Range

This unique way of shipping gets kids interested right away. Our package came with one letter addressed to each of the children. They wondered who Crameye was, and why he was sending them books. Full of curiosity, we dove right into the stories.

High Hill Education

The package is very impressive…the website is fun…and the books are great!

The package arriving from abroad was so exciting! With the books and website for the kids, there is so much going on. The whole thing is such a fun experience.

Renee Russell, Development Associate - Cincinnati, OH

The books are action/adventure and all had my child captivated throughout. The vocabulary is rich and challenging for the young reader. The most important feature about this series is the option to add “The Teacher’s Lounge” subscription which includes tons of information about the country featured in each book, printable workbooks that are loaded with exercises in vocabulary, spelling, and comprehension, dictation and writing. The questions are also presented in a kid’s voice and with a kid’s sense of humor. The exercises are challenging, but presentation takes the sting out of doing “work”. Finally, one of the most valuable pieces of this series is the cultural detail the main character (Crameye) discovers and eloquently portrays in each of the places he lives.

I purchased this series as a homeschooling tool to add-on to other curricula. What I received was a fairly thorough unit study for several countries and cultures. Also included are blogs from each of the main characters, and a safe on-line kids club that further explores and enriches a child’s understanding of cultures around the world. I wound up replacing the Brave Writer curriculum I was using with The Adventurous Mailbox, and intend to continue using it this coming year as we only completed three of the eight books last year. Through the features on The Teacher’s Lounge and kids club my child has learned geography, world cultures, art, cooking, mapping skills, a taste of the languages spoken in the countries covered, and of course the language arts previously described.

I hope the author will continue to share Crameye’s adventures in a second series. This was, by far, the most surprising and enjoyable homeschool purchase I’ve made yet.

Laura Smith

I highly recommend The Adventure Mailbox.  My son truly enjoyed reading the unique story as it unfolded in the books, and he is having fun exploring the website.  I know of no other single global education resource that introduces children to so much geography and information about world cultures — and does it in way that makes learning about the world a fun, memorable and interactive experience!

Moms Gone Global

Short of hopping on an airplane, The Adventurous Mailbox is one of the most engaging approaches to studying world cultures and people that I’ve ever seen. The box that arrives, the letters addressed to the student, the quality books, and the online hub are all excellent components of a quality curriculum.

Kendra Fletcher

I am very impressed with The Adventurous Mailbox and I am truly enjoying going through the books and the activities with my children. I believe this can be a fantastic present for an adventurous child and one family can enjoy together for a long time. The educational resources are for both parents and kids and it is what I am particularly fond of. They are the perfect complement to the books and a great way to get the kids to reason over what they have been reading, analyse situations and characters and develop their understanding and curiosity.

Learning Escapes

The intro kit comes in the coolest packaging. My kids were excited from the minute they opened it! I began by reading the first couple of books to my kids, but they were too impatient to read it all together.  My son ended up taking them all to finish on his own. I loved seeing how much fun he had reading them. I really enjoyed the stories as much as my kids did!

Teach Beside Me

The Adventurous Mailbox is a rich world of intrigue, secret missions, and exploration – perfect for young bibliophiles. My kids are huge book lovers, so to open a mysterious box filled with books, along with letters directly addressed to each of them individually, was awe-inspiring. The attention to detail is wonderful.

Raising Lifelong Learners

What an amazing concept! So happy to bring this into our home. It was definitely a hit with kids and adults alike.

Kate Wiltz, Environmental Educator & Project Manager - Bloomington, IN

Both avid readers and reluctant readers will love these — the story moves quickly and shares all those things kids love — kids solving puzzles independent of adults, mythological creatures and beautiful, full-color illustrations. We love The AMAZING details about each of the countries — the Appendix in each book is outstanding! Also the fact that these are ‘grown up’ reads — filled with intrigue, expanded vocabulary and passages in letter format.


I highly recommend The Adventure Mailbox.  My son truly enjoyed reading the unique story as it unfolded in the books, and he is having fun exploring the website.  I know of no other single global education resource that introduces children to so much geography and information about world cultures — and does it in way that makes learning about the world a fun, memorable and interactive experience!

Moms Gone Global

When I looked over the material available for each book, my mouth hung open. I really cannot overstate the quality of materials from The Adventurous Mailbox.

Dr. Melanie Wilson (psychowith6)

These adventure books are great — funny, touching, and very engaging. The information provided about each country’s culture is written in a friendly and conversational voice, so kids won’t even know that they are learning.

Karen Morgan, Reading Specialist - Cincinnati, OH

My niece was thrilled to get her Adventurer Package in the mail. She devoured the books! Very cool gift…

Farrah Furtado, Author

I was drawn to this company’s beautiful illustrations and in-depth curriculum to help inspire kids’ love of travel and natural curiosity for other cultures.

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