Books of such captivating adventure that kids won’t even realize that they are learning!  On their own, the books are amazing 21st Century learning tools, opening young eyes to different ways of thinking and being around the world. Series One is a great first step toward becoming global citizens.
Coupled with our workbooks, teachers are armed with a powerful educational tool. Need to cover Common Core skills? We’ve got you covered, all while allowing you to bring rich cultural content to your classroom with fun, humorous, and engaging lessons!


When I looked over the material available for each book, my mouth hung open. I cannot overstate the quality of the materials available with The Adventurous Mailbox.

Dr. Melanie Wilson (psychowith6)

Our adventure series was written to be both entertaining and educational, and on its own offers great 21st Century Learning material. That said, our books cannot be considered textbooks. When they are accompanied by our workbooks and additional lessons, however, teachers have a powerful and adventurous resource at their disposal.

Hundreds of lessons are available for download in our Teacher’s Lounge. To access the lessons, you will need to purchase the Teacher’s Lounge Upgrade ($20) along with the Adventurer Package. Right now, you can use the coupon code Adventure101 at checkout to get access to the Teacher’s Lounge for FREE. Seriously… 100s of professionally developed and engaging lessons for FREE.

Whether you are a classroom teacher or homeschooling parent, our books and lessons make outstanding supplementary material. Use the links below to explore our workbooks and see what is in our Teacher’s Lounge.



The books

The books of Series One: Finland, Taiwan, Brazil, Thailand, Greece, Tanzania, Peru, Peru Too