It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. – Albert Einstein

Welcome to the Teacher’s Lounge!

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What is the Teacher’s Lounge?

With access to the Teacher’s Lounge, educators can download hundreds of lessons, as well as join a forum of educators sharing ideas and insight. All lessons are available for download as full workbooks (and accompanying teacher’s books), or as individual lessons in either pdf or Word formats. In addition to our core workbooks covering vocabulary, reading comprehension, academic and creative writing, critical thinking, and country-specific activities, we also share supplementary lessons, links to other great sources for related lessons outside of our scope (e.g. art or science lessons), as well as teacher-submitted lessons and ideas.

We are very proud of what we have built, and we can’t wait to show you.  To access the lessons, you will need to purchase the Teacher’s Lounge Upgrade ($20) along with the Adventurer Package. Right now, you can use the coupon code Adventure101 at checkout to get access to the Teacher’s Lounge for FREE. Seriously… 100s of professionally developed and engaging lessons for FREE.

Our lessons work in homeschool, classroom, and afterschool environments.

What makes our workbooks special?


  • They have been prepared and work-shopped by licensed educators.
  • Our lessons and source adventure books were inspired by 21st Century Learning.
  • They cover: vocabulary, reading comprehension, four types of writing lessons, critical thinking, group work, projects and presentations.
  • For teachers using the Common Core State Standards, our lessons have been coded for your reference. Our lessons were not created to specifically align to the Common Core, but many do align to some of the standards.

Style and Tone

  • Normally dry lessons are “written” by the characters in the books. Our lessons take a very conversational and fun tone.
  • Humor is used as an anchor throughout, but never at the expense of learning.
  • The lessons also make use of the (secret…) community for the kids. There, they will be able to upload their stories for others to read and comment on.

Want to take a look?

Here are early versions of the four types of workbooks we have developed, along with the Teacher’s Book for each.

Have any Questions?

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