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the books

Printed and digital books

A perfect blend of intrigue, humor, and cultural information

The books are the core of our program. Each of our books is a foreign adventure written through the personal narrative of 12-year-old Crameye Junker. Epitomizing 21st Century Learning objectives, each book is written as a letter to the reader, introducing a featured country’s culture, language, mythology, and more, as well as an engrossing adventure. The individual stories follow an overarching storyline throughout the series.

A mysterious family

As the first series starts, Crameye and his family are settling into Taiwan, where his father has just moved them to reestablish what he calls their “home base”. From there, they are constantly flying out on the company jet to other countries, accompanying his father as he handles matters of great importance.

In each country, Crameye is able to interact with the local culture in a way that lets him get a deep understanding of the way people live. He also has many run-ins with mythological characters and historical figures as he figures his way out of trouble in each book.

His family’s own mythology plays out over the books as he slowly learns about his father’s mysterious company and his own place in it. More, his “ridiculous life” and all it entails, including special talents and abilities all the people in his family have, becomes clearer and clearer.

Our characters

quick facts

Length: 40-60 pages
Reading level: 4-5th grade
Beautifully illustrated
Written as a personal correspondence
All books in series connected by overarching plot and theme

key features

Kids will learn about cultures in a deep and meaningful way
History, geography, and folklore also covered
Learning about other cultures through engaging characters helps foster empathy
Each book ends with a Country Breakdown, giving an overall recap of the featured country

Crameye’s world

Crameye's World forums

A totally top-secret and kids-only online portal

After buying a package, kids will be sent a confidential code to use to register for Crameye’s World. On this funky and fun site, kids will be able to:

Win prizes
Take on writing missions and get published
Learn about cool cultures around the world
Practice world languages
Follow our characters’ blogs
Chat with kids around the world
Take fun quizzes (coming soon)

Constantly evolving and expanding content

It’s also where we house our e-books and materials for neva<>codes. They way it’s set up, kids will be able to seamlessly read an e-book, take on a coding mission, ask some questions in the forums, and check out the characters’ blogs – all while staying in Crameye’s World.

Your child’s online safety and security respected

We take the safety and privacy of your children very seriously. Please read our Safety and Privacy Policy for Crameye’s World to see the steps we have taken for your child’s online safety. Please contact us with any other concerns you may have.


nevacodes live shot

The Adventurous Mailbox has teamed up with CodeSpeak Labs to create a spectacular 21st Century Learning 1-2 punch!

How cool would it be for kids to read a captivating adventure book introducing world cultures and then be able to hop online to take on a coding challenge that will bring the story to life? More, the project will teach kids the basics of a programming language, prepping them for the world language of the future.

An engaging manual (written by our character Neva) that teaches as it goes

With neva<>codes, you child will receive a “top secret” instruction manual for completing coding challenges. The manual begins with instructions for how to get set up and then takes them mission-by-mission through the adventure books. The instructions are written in our character Neva’s voice – an undeniable tech-goddess – and are engaging, easy to follow, and fun. The first couple of missions are easier, but they progress in complexity as more and more coding skills are acquired.

Know what’s even better? The manual explains EVERYTHING, so teachers and parents don’t need to know a thing about coding.

nevacodes in use

Examples of coding missions included

Animating a snowmobile under a changing Northern Lights sky, and then sending it as an e-postcard (from Finland: Book One)
Creating games to snatch a hat off of the mischievous Saci’s head (Brazil: Book Three); and bombarding an island of bad guys with giant Titicaca frogs (Peru Too: Book Eight)
Racing a dragon boat in front of Taipei’s skyline, recording your own Chinese cheer to go along with it (Taiwan: Book Two)


Coding adventures created with CodeSpeak Labs
Lessons use Scratch, the coding language and platform created for kids by MIT
Exclusive access to hundreds of original and beautiful images created for this project
Instructions written in engaging and approachable voice
The ability to post, share, and send finished projects (or rather, show off a bit!)

Teacher’s lounge

Teacher's Lounge material from The Adventurous Mailbox

Homework was never so fun!

With access to the Teacher’s Lounge, educators can download hundreds of lessons, as well as join a forum of educators sharing ideas and insight. In addition to our core workbooks, we also share supplementary lessons, links to other great sources for related lessons outside of our scope. All lessons are downloadable as full workbooks or individual lessons in a choice of formats.

They work great in the classroom or homeschool environment, and they make for a wonderful way to round off the overall educational value of The Adventurous Mailbox packages.

Check out some samples:

quality content

Prepared and work-shopped by licensed educators.
Inspired by 21st Century Learning
Covering vocabulary, reading comprehension, four types of writing lessons, critical thinking, group work, projects & presentations.
Most lessons are aligned to Common Core State Standards (for teachers needing to follow them)

unique style

A very engaging and approachable tone.
Lessons written in our characters’ voices
Humor is used as an anchor throughout, but never at the expense of learning
The lessons also make use of the (top-secret…) community for the kids. There, they will be able to upload their stories for others to read and comment on.

4 types of lessons

Our workbooks are chock full of innovative lessons with a distinct voice that were professionally designed and classroom-tested.

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