Writing Mission Complete: Hello Chicago!

With the Write Away upgrade, kids will receive a top secret booklet from abroad containing numerous writing missions to share with fellow members of MITCH. Responses are posted on the character blogs in Crameye’s World, in the forums, as well as here! We will share unedited responses to the missions as they are informative, fun, and downright awesome.

This mission introduces an agent’s favorite city: Chicago.

Awesome quote: “I also love the thrill of being alone yet having millions of people surrounding me. It makes me feel independent.”

The completed mission is as follows:

Assignment Complete!

Agent Code Name: kjhiphop7868

Agent Lowdown:

Age: 9

Location: Springfield IL, USA

Dream job: Baseball (player, manager, team owner, etc…)

Favorite subject at school: Math

Least favorite subject: Grammar

Country you most want to visit: France

New language you most want to speak: Italian

Favorite foreign food: Gyro

Most disgusting thing you’ve ever eaten: Tomato

What do you want to share with the world? I BELIEVE IN UNICORNS

Mission: Please introduce a place that you think the world should know about. Include why it is special and unique, and why other MITCH members should know about it.

Architecture. Food. Entertainment. Art. Know what place I’m talking about? Chicago, IL, USA. It’s a great place, containing one of the world’s tallest buildings, The Willis Center; sculptures like The Bean; the baseball park, Wrigley Field, known for its ivy wall. Chicago is also known for it’s Deep Dish Pizza, Hot Dogs, and Italian Beef. It also hosts more than 2,700,000 people. I love to visit Chicago because it’s a different city that makes you feel different. I love how unique the buildings are, and it seems better kept than my current location. I also love the thrill of being alone yet having millions of people surrounding me. It makes me feel independent. The people are usually talkative, but I’ve noticed that they don’t often start conversations with someone who happens to walk beside them. Regarding Chicago’s religions: According to the site, Sperling’s Best Places, 59.62% of people in Chicago have a religion: 38.51% are Catholic, 0.32% are LDS, 4.90% are another Christian faith, 1.10% are Jewish, 0.62% are an Eastern faith, and 3.87% follow Islam. The people who practice these religions also bring many different traditions, adding flavor to The Great Melting Pot called Chicago. I think everybody should visit Chicago at least once, as it is such a great place.

Architecture. Food. Entertainment. Art.

That’s Chicago.


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